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The-Tilt was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2005 by Carlos Sandoval, Iftah Gabbai and Oori Shalev.  The Tilt e.V. is a legal association since 2008. Our projects are based on private and public funding trough commissions, partnerships and commercial sponsoring. The Tilt is an open group now pushed by Carlos Sandoval. Our past collaborators are: Bertram Hanssum (Sensors assitance), Detlef Halle (Electronics), Olaf Hilgenfeld (assistance) and Guido Heneboehl (Production). Current collaborators are: Christian Dietz (hardware & programming) Florian Golzt (hardware & programming) and Simon Harris (programming). Our sonic objects, technological solutions and artistic concepts are normally site-specific and open air. Based on the similar technological and artistic approaches, each project looks different, sounds different, has a different impact to the audience and may imply different artistic and functional approaches.


General inquiries: sandome@gmail.com





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Newspapers, Online, Radio and Interviews

Interview by Antonio Vicente and María Álvarez de Olate. www.rtve.es. Instituto Radio Televisión Española. Program "Travesias".

Interview by Thomas Wochnik "Carlos Sandoval, Setting in Motion", Composer´s portrait at Cast Your Art.

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"Sotavento comprehends a global landscape, an hyper-garden, a space in short-circuit. It is an ecology of resources that establish new interdependencies..." 

P. Zulaica, Digital Biotopie

"Outstanding. Perfect for public spaces" - Diario Reforma

"This is a beautiful interconnection of electronics hardware and software design, with art, music, nature (wind and trees), and chaos. 

Trees in the wind

"These strike me as employing technology in service of an idea, rather than using ideas to justify the deployment of technology"

Manifest Density




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