Interaktion Festival 1

Performances with trees around the globe

During the festival we were in permanent contact with at least 3 trees located in different countries. Using custom-designed sensors, the trees sent their wind-movement’s data in real time to the musicians via internet.
This was the first festival held in Germany that concentrated in a real-time interaction between musicians and natural evolutions.

Ballhaus Naunyn. 15.-16.06.2007, Naunynstraße 27, 10997 Berlin




to sing a Forest

Real-time interaction with living trees allows the person to be directly affected and influenced by nature. The tree's movement affect the characteristics, the direction and the spatial placing for the sound. It affects the density, tonality and the rhythm of the resulting music.
Each composition explores a way to directly affect the performer's improvisational style and patterns using different influence sources and media types.

Seth Josel - Electric guitar

Amelia Cuni - Voice

Junko Wada - Dance

Oori Shalev - Composition, Percussions


Die Shaukel

"Die Schaukel" is a metaphoric swing installation, a virtual time-situation, and simply a moment. A remote tree with sensors in Mexico controlled the sonic spinning-speed of the speakers with its response to the wind. These responses were transmitted via the Internet and also controlled the sound design of the installation.


Mario Vázquez as old Julia, and cooking, percussion, dance, performance

José García, as teenager Julia (and percussion)

Oori Shalev as young-girl Julia (and percussion, software design)

Carlos Sandoval as a middle-age Julia (and Concept, Installation, Sound design, Live electronics, Percussion and software design)


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