Network of interacting trees — Mexico, Italy, Germany

Sotavento was our first networked installation with trees. The trees were locatded in Italy (Giardino Sonoro), Mexico (rectoría UASLP) and Berlin (Lab Tree, Kreuzberg). The tree in Berlin (no installation) was used to provide movements to the remote installations in Italy and Germany. The tree in Itally was receiving also movement information from Mexico. Each installation had different sonic character and speaker's design. The Installation in Italy was made by the GSLI.

The installation was oppened synchronically in Mexico and Italy with two concerts: In Mexico: Oori Shalev Percussion, Carlos Sandoval, Live Electronics. In Italy: Iftah Gabbai, live electronics.


For this project we counted with the kind support of Bertram Hanssum (hardware developing) and Detlef Halle (sensors). Iftah Gabbai was a member of The Tilt at that time.


Comission by the "Festival de San Luis" and the GSLI (now closed) with the kind support of the TU Elektronisches Studio der TU Berlin


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